photo art

As a biologist, I have always been fascinated by nature, and the camera gives me the opportunity to capture beautiful moments and moods for myself and others. The scientist in me always wants to try new things. My fields of experimentation are light, structures and colours, my tools are the camera and the digital darkroom.


In the past few years, I have taken many opportunities to fill my photographic toolbox. Since 2024, I hold a diploma in "Photo Design" from the Institute for Training in Fine Arts and Art Therapy (IBKK) in Bochum, Germany.


I am member of the Duelmen photoclub "Moment mal", the  "vhs fotokunst AG Lüdinghausen" , and the global ICMPhotoMag Network. Furthermore, I am participating in the initiative ku[d (kultur.leben.dülmen, Here you can find a short YouTube- Video (in German).


What I am particularly interested in as a photo artist is the border zone between photography and painting/graphics.


My main areas of interest are

- ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) Photography

- Picturesque nature

- Abstract

- Photomontage/Composing


Some of my images can be seen on Instagram .



Painterly composing of different plants
Garden I